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21st Century Skills Resources

RSA Animate: 21st Century Enlightenment

The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA), formed in the 18th century, is a network of people devoted to creative thinking for social progress. In this video, RSA Chief Executive Matthew Taylor explores what 21st century enlightenment means, and how it can help navigate today’s challenges differently than established modes of thought.

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills

This is the advocacy website for the implementation of 21st Century Skills. It offers various resources, including videos and interactive tools.

Arts Integration: The Authentic Context for 21st Century Learning

This article details how arts integration offers unique and successful methods for instilling 21st Century Learning Skills across the curriculum.

Useful Websites for Teachers

Art Museums


This North Carolina Museum of Art website is designed for educators, students, and anyone interested in looking and learning from works of art.


This interactive website is full of artworks and resources from the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Walker Art Center.


This is the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s curriculum site, which provides theme-based activities in visual arts, language arts, history, and social studies.

Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Online Classroom Activities

American Art offers a number of interactive or media-rich assets that can easily be used by educators in the classroom. Students can learn by viewing media or taking part in various online activities.

National Arts Education Association: Museum Education Weblinks & Resources

This list from NAEA aggregates museum education websites and describes their available resources for teachers.


Though not specifically for teachers, this website from the Indianapolis Museum of Art has a great collection of videos with art content from a variety of sources, including other museums and programs such as PBS Art21.

Educational Organizations

PBS LearningMedia

This website shares over 14,000 downloadable public media content resources for K-16 teachers, organized by subject areas, and tied to national standards.


Over 20,000 free educational videos for all subjects are available on this website, organized by categories.

Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT)

RAFT is a nonprofit organization in Denver that assists teachers, nonprofits, and community groups by providing materials and ideas for day-to-day teaching and for supporting professional growth. RAFT collects discarded materials from area businesses and repurposes them for the classroom.

PBS Teachers

This site has a multitude of resources for the arts, health, math, language arts, science, and social studies.

Library of Congress Teacher Page

The Library of Congress Teacher Page offers a variety of classroom resources and professional development, focusing on bringing primary resources to the classroom.

Asia Society Education

This site has elementary and secondary lesson plans, professional learning resources for teachers, and resources for students.


Edutopia is the education-oriented website of The George Lucas Foundation, offering tips, strategies and models for “what works in education.”

Teachers First

The TeachersFirst website includes ready-to-go, projectable classroom activities, lesson and unit plans and special topic collections for teachers to use in their classroom, as well as opportunities for teachers to engage with their professional network. 

Teach With Me

Teach With Me offers loads of free printables and lesson plans covering all subject areas, many based on the Common Core standards. 

Home School Central

Home School Central offers resources ranging from information about state laws to support groups to curricular materials. 

Home School Learning

Home School Learning is a free, online community for homeschoolers offering hundreds of unit studies, lessons and activities. 

Colorado Department of Education

The Colorado Department of Education’s (CDE) website offers many teacher resources, from information about state standards and 21st Century Skills to professional development opportunities. 

National Education Association

The “Tools and Ideas” section of NEA’s website offers many teacher resources, including lesson plans for all subjects and grade levels, articles offering advice and support, and spaces to connect with other educators from across the country. 

TES India

TES India has over 500,000 free worksheets, teaching activities and lesson plans all mapped to class, subject and topic. TES India also provides an online teaching community with forums and education jobs.

TES Teaching Resources

TES Teaching Resources is the global online community where teachers share and download free lesson plans, revision guides and interactive resources. You can choose from the 1000s of free resources, download them for free and adapt them to suit your classroom activities.

Share My Lesson

Share My Lesson is a place where educators come together to create and share their very best teaching resources with over 260,000 lessons to date. Developed by teachers for teachers, this free platform gives access to high-quality teaching resources and provides an online community where teachers can collaborate with, encourage and inspire each other.

Visual Arts Resources

Art Education Websites

The Arts in Every Classroom Video Library

From the Annenberg Foundation, this is a video library for K-5 classroom teachers and arts specialists. It contains 14 half-hour video programs, a library guide, and website.


This is a multimedia website designed as an interactive art history textbook, with videos, timelines, and images.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this timeline of art history offers world maps, thematic essays, and works of art.

Kennedy Center ArtsEdge

ArtsEdge is the Kennedy Center’s education website, offering digital resources for learning about arts and culture.

PBS Art21

PBS’ Art21 series focuses on contemporary art in America, with thematic episodes featuring multiple artists. In addition to teaching resources such as lesson plans and educator guides, this site contains episodes and clips, artist information, slideshows, and a blog.

Google Art Project

The Google Art Project is a virtual super-museum, with online access to artworks from 151 museum across 40 countries, including the Denver Art Museum. Zoom in to artworks at the brushstroke level, curate your own collection, and take virtual museum tours.

The Incredible Art Department

The Incredible Art Department is for art teachers, art students, parents, homeschoolers and artists. IAD includes information on art jobs, art careers, art schools, art education, lesson plans, visual art news, and art resources.

Art Supplies


With stores in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs, Meiningers is your local source for art supplies, classes, and other resources.

Dick Blick

Your online resource for a huge selection of art supplies at discounted prices. Family owned since 1911.

Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT)

RAFT is a nonprofit organization in Denver that assists teachers, nonprofits, and community groups by providing materials and ideas for day-to-day teaching and for supporting professional growth. RAFT collects discarded materials from are businesses and repurposes them for the classroom.

Language Arts Resources


A rich site with lesson plans, student materials, and other resources that promote reading and language arts instruction.

100 Best Books for Kids

A list of 100 books selected by the National Education Association in 1999 as great reading for children and young people.

Summertime Favorites from the National Endowment from the Humanities

A great summer reading list, in grade bands from kindergarten through 12th grade, with classic texts as well as more contemporary titles.

Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art

A museum devoted to national and international picture book art! The virtual tour provides great visuals and there are several lists of engaging children’s books.

Shel Silverstein Website

The official page of poet Shel Silverstein, with interactive content for students, including animations paired with Silverstein’s poems. Lessons and guides available for teachers, librarians, and parents.

Met Museum Connections: Poetry

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this is an audio piece about the connection between poetry and visual arts.

Reading Rockets

This website is dedicated to helping young readers, with classroom strategies, videos and podcasts, reading guides, other resources, and research.

Reading in Action

Listen to Bookcasts of children’s, tween’s, and teen’s book on this site, which also has activities, videos, games, and additional resources.

Buckley, Annie and Kathleen Coyle. Once Upon a Time: Creative Writing Fun for Kids. California: Chronicle Books, LLC, 2005.
For ages 8 and up, these flashcards with writing tips and techniques help students enhance their creative writing. Each card also provides suggested reading lists.

Social Studies Resources

Denver Public Library Western History/Genealogy Digital Collections

This site from the Denver Public Library has digitized historical documents, photographs, maps, and art related to Western and Colorado history. Collections include Western History, History Colorado, Auraria Library, and Creating Communities.

History Colorado

The homepage of History Colorado, providing online exhibits, web resources, and Hispanic History Resources.

The National Archives Experience Docs Teach

This website from the National Archives offers activities for teaching with primary source documents. There are also thousands of primary sources available selected from the National Archives.

EDSITEment! from the National Endowment for the Humanities

This is a site that gathers quality educational websites approves for classroom use-see the History and Social Studies category. Also provides lesson plans in a variety of subjects, including History and Social Studies.

Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources

This site has classroom materials, including lesson plans, themed resources, primary source sets, presentations and activities, and ideas for teaching with specific Library of Congress primary sources.

National Council for the Social Studies Teacher Resources

NCSS resources, including classroom activities, teaching ideas, and article. Numerous websites from other sources are listed.

Picturing America

Using artworks that reveal the character of America, this site from the National Endowment for the Humanities uses art to spur discussions about our culture, history, and politics. Search for specific images, browse broadly, or see artworks organized by themes. Also provides annotated lists of websites relevant to each image.

Teaching History

This website has teaching materials, history content, and best practices for K-12 U.S. history teachers.


Smarthistory is a multimedia website designed as an interactive art history textbook, with videos, timelines, and images. Also useful for incorporating visual arts into social studies.

Molly Brown House Museum

The Molly Brown House Museum is dedicated to inspiring ”courage, conviction and proactive change in the spirit of Margaret Brown,” providing fieldtrips and online resources for schools and teachers. 

Standards and Assessment

2009 Colorado P-12 Academic Standards

Visual Arts

Reading, Writing, and Communicating

Social Studies

Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards have been adopted by 44 states, including Colorado. They build upon state standards and set comparative benchmarks for students across the country.

Common Core State Standards for ELA and Literacy

This short video from the  Teaching Channel succinctly explains the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy.

2014 Study of Arts Education in Colorado Public Schools

A study from the Colorado Council on the Arts and the Colorado Department of Education that draws the link between academic achievement and the arts, and expresses the need for increasing students’ exposure to the arts in school.